aeroplane pageant set to release LP2 on June 2nd!

even the kids don't believe me

Aeroplane Pageant is pleased to announce a couple of items, but first we want to thank you for your unwarranted support through these last 48 months or so.  It’s been good.

Along the way we’ve sadly lost at least four drummers, maybe more, (a note: when we all collectively reach our own private hells I’m sure it’ll brim with unsynchronized drummers waiting to get their final say–what can you do, right?) we’ve also made lots of friends, and some of us have even quit drug habits which might bring to light a new possibility of rehabilitation. Joining a band?  I’m working on this yet—facts to follow.

First item:  Aeroplane Pageant is going to release its second full-length album entitled: Even the Kids Don’t Believe Me.  It’s a pretty good album title but in retrospect we could’ve a lot done better, perhaps a little less ironic, something sweeter, or maybe even more naive and less controlled, just something else—because aren’t we supposed to be exiting this Age of Irony and Suspicion?

Anyway, we made this record ourselves in a beach house on Long Island, and also in Dumbo Brooklyn with star producer Shane Stoneback, who is also currently recording Jim Jarmusch’s (pioneer filmmaker) first solo album, and also collaborating on the new Vampire Weekend record.  Recently, Stoneback has also found work with some members of Bon Jovi recording their new theater project entitled, “Toxic Avengers,”—which is great and really strange too.  He absolutely wins the award for having the most eclectic resume for a producer in this ever-tumbling industry.

Second item: Last week Aeroplane Pageant was happily signed to Stormy Ice Records, a very close sister label of Warners Brother Records, and it’s a new label that will feature AP as its first artist.  The label said they wanted to give us a second shot at making it big. When was the first shot? I must’ve been asleep. It is funny that people are always intent on being “big,” and nothing else.  Whatever happened to mediocrity?  Or just making good records?  This is my only point contention thus far, that and the fact that everyone in their office is horribly good-looking; honestly, it’s almost grotesque.

Third item: Aeroplane Pageant—with their label’s support—will be touring again in early June. We are calling this tour, “The Invisible Tour.”  Maybe we’re calling it that because some of us feel this way sometimes…? Additionally, we have a couple of new members this time around, who will hopefully bring much-needed life to the project:

Mike Delorenzo-Percussion/Drums
Eric Hirsch-Keyboards/Guitar

The 2 week tour begins in Delaware and will end in Northern New Jersey at Maxwell.  Thankfully, we’ll be playing shows with Managment, the Nationals, Grizzly B…, and the Animal Collection.  We wanted to tour with Pavement and Guided by Voices but I guess considering that this is a new label…well, you can’t always get what you want.

5/18: The Black Kat, Washington DC
5/19: The Pageant, St Louis, MO (SOLD OUT)
5/20: River Theater, Milwaukee, WI (SOLD OUT)
5/21: Filmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
5/22: Life-style Pavilions, Columbus, OH
5/23: Memorial Gymnasium, Raleigh, NC (SOLD OUT)
5/24: A National, Richmond, VA
5/25: Tabernacle, Hampton, GA (SOLD OUT)
5/26: Michael’s Uncle Todd’s Wedding, Somewhere in Florida (no tickets available for this show)
5/27: Maxwell, Hoboken, NJ
5/28: Maxwell, Hoboken, NJ
5/30: Pianos, New York, NY (CD release party!!!!!)

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