invisible tour update from St. Louis

Toasted raviolis, Jean Claude Van Dam, pregnant lady robs grocery store

van damSt. Louis is for the blind only.  I’m suspicious now as to how the legendary St. Louis Cardinal’s shortstop Ozzie Smith survived all those years in this sordid city.  

Perhaps he had lots of painkillers and some really good films and books to dive into?  

It’s interesting because all of the people in St. Louis quietly drone the streets in the same exact way as if their heads were shot off.  But can anyone blame them when their surrounding metropolis is essentially rotting gray?       

Then the strange news…We went to load in the equipment at the club when we were told by a police officer to park 2 blocks away from the building because the street was sealed off by a crime scene.  

Apparently, (not sure if I believe it) some pregnant woman robbed the grocery store that’s right next to the club where we were about to play.   It’s hard to believe but that is what we were told by a few people who witnessed the event. 

To be honest the only redeeming part of the trip was when we stumbled into martial arts movie star Jean Claude Van Dam as he was quickly exiting from a Chase Manhattan Bank on Main Street. (What the hell is he doing St. Louis?!)  Now, I understand there’s a very small chance that it really wasn’t him, and it might’ve just been his doppelganger—but it really did look like him.  


Mike (guitarist) half-joking, said he was half-tempted to try and throw a random swing at Mr. Van Dam to see if he really had any fighting technique.  He then decided it probably wasn’t his best idea.    

It’s really a shame that the city was shitty because the show and crowd were really great—and this was our first sold out show ever!!!    

After the show Eric (keyboardist), the newest member of AP, made himself right at home on tour when he dipped into the nearby shadows of our hotel for a few hours with some lazy-looking tall blonde woman that appeared twice his age (I guess we’ll find out what happened tomorrow?).   

Tour can act the devil sometimes… 

OTHER NEWS:We all tried St. Louis’ famous toasted raviolis (born in St. Louis) and they weren’t that bad or that good.

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