snakebiteCOLORADO: Two days ago, Chris Aguis (percussionist) was bitten by a snake on his big left toe while out hiking before the show. It’s this rare venomous species known as a Prairie Rattlesnake, and honestly it was probably the scariest moment in my life. No one even heard its rattle, and when Chris stepped down onto a rock it just grabbed into him. White light and whiter stars…

If anyone knows Chris they know that he slaps on his flip flops as soon as the first day of spring hits. However, it probably wasn’t his best idea to wear them out hiking.

I really don’t think I can do justice to the sound that emanated out of Chris’ mouth when he was struck; it sounded almost as if a cow was being slaughtered. He kept howling, “I’ve been hit. I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit!”

It was brutal.


Chris Aguis

We thought at first that he was shot but when he collapsed to the floor and we saw this snake whipping its body back and forth…we then knew. The snake suddenly let go and then disappeared into the rocks…

Luckily, we weren’t too far from the local Park Ranger who quickly injected this anti-venom made of sheep blood. He also instructed us not to suck out the venom, and to just tightly wrap his leg 1-2 inches above the wound.

The ranger then called for help when only moments later a helicopter swooped down to take Chris to the local hospital, St. Christina’s, for evaluation. He’s safe now, and feeling better, and thanks only to the kind hands of a few good doctors and a Park Ranger named Brent Houser.

We’re all home (in New York) now, and Chris has since been moved to Columbia Hospital in Manhattan, and should be released today if all goes well.

Park Ranger Brent Houser

Brent Houser

Thankfully he’s now stable, but now we face another daunting issue: Given that Chris is an artist, he unfortunately doesn’t have medical insurance, and so he now owes at least $4,000 in hospital bills.

Stormy Ice (our record label) said they are going to pick up half the tab but that still leaves us $2000 in the hole.

Oh, America the wonderful!

More soon…and hopefully we’ll get back on the road soon…

If you’d like to email Chris to wish him well (which I’m sure he’ll appreciate) send an email to:

Aeroplane Pageant would like to apologize to all the fans that planned on coming out for the upcoming shows, and we promise we’ll be back to your cities soon enough.

With luck we still plan to play the New York show for our CD release part at Pianos. And hopefully Chris will be able to join us for the show, so we don’t have to use a fill-in.

All best,

Aeroplane Pageant

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