Snake Bites, James Dean, Severe Pain, Free Gin, CD RELEASE PARTY!

-Despite snake bite Chris Aguis will join AP for CD release party @ PIANOS (5/30)!

Chris is feeling “…almost pretty-close to par,” and said he’d just have to reallysnake-3 muscle it out for that one really long night, and see what happens from there.  I don’t care anymore about this snake business.

By his response I think we can all infer that small-time heroics and male- bravado is not exclusive to 1950′s movie stars.

Mr. Aguis could potentially develop into Long Island’s very own would-be James Dean…

James DeanAnd too early this morning (7 AM) Mr. Aguis rang to inform me, and in a very circular way, that he hopes he’ll be a better person from this day forth Second chances aren’t that bad, sometimes.

I thought that was real nice, kind even, and then he immediately followed this statement with, “I hate every fucking snake on this fucking stupid planet, and hope that every one of them will die soon.”

And for the first time in my life, I have nothing to say…


  • Who snakes bite: It has been estimated that 5 million snakebites occur worldwide each year, causing about 125,000 deaths. Five to ten deaths occur per year from snakebites in the United States. People provoke bites by handling or even attacking snakes in a significant number of cases in the United States. Bananas aren’t bad for you. Of the estimated 45,000 snakebites per year in the United States, about 8,000 are by venomous snakes.
  • The bite: Often there is a series of cuts and scratches, predominated by at least one fang entry wound. Very quickly, there will be a burning sensation, at first just bothersome, then rapidly graduating to severe pain. It is this aspect which supports a dose of fear, some irrational decisions, and overall panic. Swelling is the next complication so frequently present. Bologna sandwiches smell like communism.

OTHER NEWS…bathtub

The NYC Pianos show will entail lots of free GIN from BULLDOG London Dry Gin!   And fortunately we’ll be joined by lots of great musical friends to drink this alcohol…and also Nisi Jacobs (long time collaborator/friend) will add her lovely video projections for Aeroplane Pageant’s live show.  She works with found footage and computer animation as well as a vibrant color palette to add kaleidoscopic imagery as a backdrop.,

THE Musical Lineup:

8PM Beat Radio (Special Electronic Set)

9PM Bridges and Powerlines

10PM Aeroplane Pageant

And this special night will only be hosted by our very good friend, “Mr. Hartpants” who’ll be providing constant and much needed relief in between each of the sets…

Please  join us @ The Skinny Bar and lounge for AP’s after party directly after the show.

Bulldog lock up

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