and we go

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Some silver wig some painted lips
And she almost did giggle with this, she said,
“Let’s hang a man and put him on the big blue TV.
This is all right by me as long as no one has to speak.”
And I believed in every bit of this
‘Cause she’s always what she said?

And we go…

And she might’ve apologized for the grass no longer being green
Went ahead and mentioned she was nervous no more…
We did our best but our smiles they went right for filthy floor
And it was only an hour ago she called up all her other lovers
To tell them she had thoughts of no other

And we go…

There are good times to be had in every town
People who love to get drunk and sing out loud
Me I keep my money hidden underneath the living room couch
In case I ever decide to set foot outside of this house…

She always wanted to know if there was ever someone else
Someone we should hide someone we shouldn’t have to know

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