after the car crash

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After the car crash I walked home
Found you looking through my window
You looked good without your shoes on
We took a walk it took us through to the afternoon
I held my tongue; some things are best left unsung
I had an idea of what it was to be a human
I had the sense of what it meant to be pleasant again…

We had breakfast you said, “I don’t remember crying.
Or even the last time when I felt like I could.
Oh, some things go on for too long.”
And I said, “I couldn’t agree with you anymore, any longer.”
So you bit my neck expecting me to thank you for this
When in came a phone call up out of Montreal
An old friend turned up cold and dry
Two holes the size of a dime left her in chest
And what’s worse is her face escapes my mind’s eye
So much for us foxing around
So much for us forgetting ourselves
So much for everything else

Some things go on
Some things they go on for too long

I had an idea of what it was and it went
I had the sense of what it meant and it left
I had the idea of what it was to be human
I had the idea of what I hadn’t been

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