Official Video: Cities as a Dream,

Director: Brian Kelly
Editor: Ryann Ruzika
Colorist: Robbie Renfrow
Dancers: Breeze Team Entertainment

Official Video: Brief Confessions of a Young Bear,

Director: Brian Kelly
Editor/Co-director: Taryn Waldman
Cinematographer: John Kelly, Robbie Renfrow

Official Video: Help Me Shoot This Apple Off My Head,

Director/Writer: Brian Kelly
Producer/Editor: Kevin Vale
Cinematographer/Colorist: Robbie Renfrow
Lighting Design: Justin Brewer
Lighting Assistant: Paul Maziatti
Digital Imaging Technician: Patrick Cecilian
Red Camera Technician: Doug Horton

new video for stars still pretty

Aeroplane Pageant – ‘Stars Still Pretty’ from aeroplane pageant on Vimeo.

Written/Directed: Brian Kelly
Director of Photography: Kevin Vale (Technicolor)
Editor: Nisi Jacobs (DRAW)
Post-production: Kevin Vale (Techicolor)
Colorist: Tim Stipan (Technicolor)
Justin Brewer: Lighting Design

i remember i think @ pianos nyc 05/30/2009

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Bright Silver Train recorded with Bassy Bob

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