Click Images – “Inspired by the likes of the Velvet Underground, Guided by Voices and the Flaming Lips, Float Above the Yard is equal parts orchestral, cinematic and pensive. In ushering out their collective mission statement, the album plays out with a whimsical, Lennon-inspired swerve that’s almost too good to be true.”

The Pitchforks – “Indie rock is truly the word of Satan, and these boys are riding along that wave, which is bound to collapse soon, but at least they’re riding something. If I had two bands to compare them to I think it would be early-mid-era REM, and maybe Brian Ferry—although he’s not a band. Love this record front to back, but only when I’m in the mood for it.” - “Even the Kids Dont Believe Me possesses a Beatles playfulness that is harnessed by vocalist Brian Kelly’s highly memorable vocals. There’s a magnetism to his voice that keeps one wanting more every time he opens his mouth…the guitar work is the other exemplary facet of this disc. The riffs curve, duck, cascade and gush rather effusively and the choruses are ephemeral, gnomic and twee…Everything about their music is one hundred percent unique.”

WRUV - “Refreshingly original music. This album has a lot of complex instrumentation with smart lyrics, and it gets better each time you listen to it.”

The Post – “It’s as if AP is trying to say the American Dream is just a wet sock whipping in the wind. Baroque in concept and miniature in its execution; its enthusiasm is mollified only by its overt dark subtlety. However, any gesture on the record purportedly stains, and yet clearly defines the ‘more,’ of the piece—and that’s ostensibly post-War alienation and the inevitable suburban dissolution. As a lark, and with a hint of wide-eye whimsy, a man is supposedly swallowed up by a tiger and from there, within its non-linear narrative approach, a new world is welcomed to the listener that is not entirely contrived—oh, I hope this isn’t their first or last record.” - “…we have the hardest time trying to come up with comparisons and/or possible influences…it’s just that the songs don’t really sound much like any other band that comes to mind. The main obvious trademark of the band’s sound is vocalist Brian Kelly” – “The sound can be raw, which is good in 2009. But is the singer sad enough? We really don’t know, but I’m thinking he might be. Although, I wish they used a lot more reverb on a few of the tracks; it would make it sound more “psych-pop,” which is the way to go these days. I like tracks 4-7 and the last one too. It feels like 1967 all over again—just a tad, wee different.”

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